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Because we are proud of our employees and the work they do to make our customers happy, we want to share with you the following testimonials our customers have provided.

Dear Sir or Madam:
We have been loyal customers of Matheny for twenty eight years now. We always enjoy dealing with your people, and we certainly appreciate the high quality of their work. I couldn’t be more impressed.
— Steven K., University City, MO

Dear Matheny Heating:
I wanted to say an extra thank you to John Godfrey who stayed late Friday night making sure that we had heat for the weekend. We truly appreciated his perseverance in getting to the bottom of the problem. With single digits predicted for the weekend, I was very concerned about the pipes freezing, and he worked diligently and professionally until the heat was on. I am so impressed by and thankful for his efforts. He should be commended for his outstanding service.
–– Elaine M., St. Louis, MO

Thank you so much! For always taking care of my mom and I on Pershing. What problems you guys have solved over the years – golly…it’s just amazing! Please tell John and Ryan that we are so very grateful that somehow, some way, you all pull us through a tough patch. It takes the worry out of winter for sure, to know that a phone call away is help on the way. The only thing missing are capes – those two are my heroes! —Thanks, thanks, thanks!
— Tina W., St Louis, MO

I have a rental house and my renter called me around 11:00 am complaining the A/C quit working last night and he and his wife have a newborn and were struggling with the heat. I called Matheny shortly after and they were at my house at 2 pm. The lady on the phone said it would be $90 for the service call which included the 1st work. She went on to explain that they would call me with the repair estimate after the tech checked it out.

The tech was at my house at 2 pm and shortly after he called to let me know the reason for the failure. He replaced the part, cleaned the system coils and the filter inside the furnace and my renter had cold air within an hour or so. The total charge was $207 (not bad). I also had them sign me up for the yearly maintenance which I believe was $150 for twice a year and peace of mind.

I am another customer and they definitely were the real deal. I would recommend them to my mother, and I yes I do love my mother!

— Tom L.

I just wanted to let you know I used Matheny for my A/C.
Repairman Bob did an awesome job. Matheny had a lot better pricing.

— Bill R.

Last summer our AC was misbehaving in the 100 degree weather and I decided to call Matheny. They came out that day. The service person was very friendly and repaired the AC to my satisfaction. My husband and I knew we were pushing our luck with both the AC and furnace which were both 15 years old and not really big enough for the house.

We decided to replace both the furnace and AC before winter hit. So I called Matheny. From the person who answered the phone to the men who worked and installed the new units, I was completely satisfied. They were respectful of me, and my home. My salesman was not pushy – he listened to what we needed/wanted and they delivered. He didn’t try to sell us something we weren’t interested in but he did provide us with valuable information on the systems that Matheny recommended. The team that showed up at my door at 8 a.m. sharp were wonderful. They protected my floors and carpeting. They were quiet – sounds silly considering they were using drills and electric saws to remove the old equipment in the basement, but they were very quiet. Matheny is a very efficient company. When I referred to the team that showed up I meant it. Before they had the old equipment dismantled and at the curb, the truck was there to pick it up. Before I knew it, the new equipment was in the driveway and everyone, including my salesman, Jason Volz, was discarding the cardboard and packing materials and hauling the equipment downstairs. It was almost a full day installation.

I could go on and on about the employees of Matheny – they are polite, well dressed (neat and clean uniforms), they were respectful of my home and they worked very hard. They are knowledgable about what they do.

There is a reason they have been in business for 70 years and I witnessed it first hand. Don’t hesitate to call them for repairs or new AC or furnace, you won’t be disappointed.

Linda M.

We noticed our air conditioner was blowing out cool air, but not very cold air, last night around 5pm. We had the thermostat set to 75, so we set it to 72 to see if it helped. It continued to just blow out coolish air, but not enough to really cool down the house. By 6pm, it was up to 80 degrees in the house, so I called Matheny. The office was closed, but I did leave a “non-emergency” message, because I didn’t consider our situation an emergency (i.e.: NO air at all) and I didn’t want to take away a serviceman from someone else who needed a repair more than we did. We were fine waiting until the next morning to make an appointment for a service call.

At 7:45am this morning, I received a call from Matheny. He asked how we were doing and wanted an update on the unit. I told him the situation was the same. He said, “We have a worker in the neighborhood who was stood up from a 7:30am appointment, so he could be over in 20 minutes, if you wanted us to come over and check it out.” I gave a very enthusiastic “Yes! Please come over!” He checked everything out and said the unit just needed a good cleaning. He cleaned the coils and replaced the filter. He also checked and cleaned the unit outside. He was there about an hour. Our cost: $85!!! WOOO-HOOO!

Because of the symptoms, we assumed it would need Freon, which we know costs a fortune. He could have very well told us it needed Freon and we wouldn’t have known the difference. But he was honest and said all it needed was to be cleaned to work more efficiently. After he finished, he turned it on and it was like a brand new unit – – nice and cold.

We continue to use them because of their great service, honesty, promptness and professionalism. We’ll refer Matheny to anyone who needs a H/C service company.

— Liz E.

I just wanted to give my kudos to Matheny. I haven’t had the need for an hvac guy for years, but today our unit stopped working. I made the call to Matheny, within two hours my air was working again, I had figured as hot as it is, I will be lucky to get someone out here within a day or two. Matheny took good care of me.

— Jeff

A typical scenario – Your A/C goes out on a ‘holiday’ weekend. I took my family to a BBQ Saturday afternoon, and when we returned the upstairs was 8o degrees plus!

It never fails –

Not good – my wife is battling ‘hot flashes’. So she slept down stairs (A/C still worked on the 1st level), I opened the upstairs windows and turned on the ceiling fans – not bad to get through the night.

The next morning, I decided to call your 24 hour hot line (at 7:00AM) and within a 1/2 hour I received a return call. I gave the gentlemen directions and he was out this morning, found the problem and fixed it. I was charged a reasonable fee, especially for a holiday weekend!

— John S.

“Our furnace stopped working this morning and of course it’s 5 degrees outside. I talked to Ryan and he asked what the problem was, I told him and he gave me a couple options on what it might be. The best news is he is having a guy come out at noon and I called them at 10! What great service that is!”
— Joe B., Wildwood, MO

“The technician arrived on time, actually a bit early which was great. The office called ahead and I was able to meet him. He was very considerate of the time which I appreciated. He clearly explained the billing…no surprises! I let the water heat up (for my radiant heating system)…my family room is now warm and toasty.”
— Matt T., Kirkwood, MO

“Thank you for standing behind your company products and your company name. We had to have the ventor motor replaced on our furnace when it was just over a year old. We were afraid that you would charge us for labor since the warranty was just a few weeks past the covered time frame (but you did not). Thank you for sending a technician promptly. He had us up and running quickly. Thank you again for standing behind your product.”
— Rob and Janie T., Chesterfield, MO

“Thank you so much for your service! The guys were the most professional, polite people we have had for anything. They were really, really great!”
— Emily S., Kirkwood, MO

“….[the tech] was great, professional and thorough. Thanks for the personal attention…”
— Beth K., Kirkwood, MO

Matheny Heating and Cooling has been a leader in indoor comfort since 1942.  We offer Residential Service, Commercial Service on all makes and models as well as New Equipment Installation.  Ask us about our affordable Equipment Maintenance Program that helps extend the life of your equipment, gives your Priority Customer status on service calls and extends a 15% savings on repairs to members.

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